Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Enter At Your Own Risk, But Please Bring Chicken Soup

If you visit my house this week, don't be alarmed if you see a big "quarantine" sign on the door.

I am just now recovering from an upper respitory infection. Shannon has a sinus infection. Sean was just diagnosed yesterday with an ear infection. Even two of our cats have colds in their eyes.

Apparently, the First Horeseman of the Apocolypse, Pestilence, has moved into my guest room. Either that or we are living in a giant petri dish.

Somehow Cliff has managed to stay healthy in this biological house of horrors. The dog seems to be doing fine as well, but what do you expect from someone who regularly eats out of the trash can. That dog would probably be immune to the Ebola virus at this point.

In my quest to get everyone healthy, I have spend numerous hours over the past few weeks in doctor's offices and pharmacies. I am even trying some herbal rememdies from a local health food store. I am determined to get everyone well and spend the rest of the winter in good health.

If only I get Pestilence off our couch and pry the television remote from his hand.

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