Saturday, November 3, 2012

Annoying The Vote Out Of Us

The saying "every vote counts" certainly hold true in any election, but I am really starting to feel honored with the caliber of people who are vying for my support in this election.

I have been disconnecting, ignoring and blocking political phone calls for months.  In the past four days, I have hung up on former President Bill Clinton, actor and former Senator Fred G. Thompson, and Clint Eastwood.  The fact that these are recordings are merely a technicality.

I usually have some choice words for these robo-callers before I hang up.  I know they can't hear me, but it does my blood pressure good to let them have it.

The closer this election gets in both proximity and statistics, the more both parties break out their "big guns" and bombard us with mail, media ads and phone calls.  I have to wonder how effective this is when we become so overwhelmed with political statements and conflicting information that we are essentially numb to their messages.

I like to have the "Today" Show on in the mornings as I prepare for my day.  Yesterday morning, three out of every four commercials were political ads.  Out of these three advertisements per station break, two of them were from the Super PAC trying to elect Mitt Romney.

I suppose this blitzkrieg was supposed to persuade me that Romney is the more effective, desirable candidate.  Frankly, the only effect it had on me was sheer annoyance.  Surely not the result for which they were aiming.

The barrage of these ads did encourage me to change my mind, however.   I changed my mind about listening to the "Today" Show and turned on the Sonic music channels on our satellite dish.  These are blissfully commercial-free.

I really hope I have the chance to hang up on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney themselves.  That would really do wonders for my ego.

I have to admit however, that I did enjoy speaking to Clint Eastwood.  I explained that I could not talk at the moment because I was too busy having a conversation with a table lamp.

He understood completely.

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