Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Battle of the Bulbs

The holiday season is upon us.  And that means holiday decorations are going up all around.

Here in the Moore household we tend to go for a more subtle approach.  White lights and a candle in each window.  Most of our neighbors seem to fall into this category as well.

Some people, however, use the holidays as an excuse to go all out in the decorating department.  There was  house in the neighboring small town that used to follow this approach.  The house and every window, eave and piece of siding was bordered in lights.  The roof was completely covered in lights as well.  We are talking probably tens of thousands of lights on this house. Frankly it reminded me of the Griswold house in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

I have to admit I admire the hard work that goes into decking the entire house for the holidays.  I would not, however, want that electric bill.  Nor would I want to be their neighbors.  Never mind all of the gawkers and onlookers crowding your street.  You would probably need blackout curtains to sleep at night.

Sometimes I am a bit confused as to the holiday theme to which our neighbors are striving.  There is a house near us that has kept the same lights up since Halloween.  The porch is outlined in orange lights with a bright green spiderweb on one of the bushes.  I cannot figure out if they are being lazy or if they are going for a Nightmare Before Christmas theme.

Another house has had a plastic alien peering out the front window, also since Halloween.  Last night I noticed he was sporting a Santa hat.  At least he is getting in the holiday spirit.

Some houses have no lights on the exterior.  I often wonder if they don't go all out in the Christmas decorating department, or if they simply choose to keep their celebrations more subtle and personal.

After all, Christmas is not about lights, gifts and all the external trappings.  It is about home and family.  The happiness we feel inside when we give, whether it is the perfect present or simply the gift of time to those we care about.

So whether you choose to deck the halls with a thousand glittering lights or put up a small tree on a table, may your Christmas be full of love, happiness and light.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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