Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Throwing Shade at the Queen B

I have a confession to make.  It is one I do not let many people know.  It is not one that I am necessarily proud to admit.

The only way to get through something this difficult is to just blurt it out.  So here goes. . .

I am not a fan of Beyonce.  In fact, I think she is overrated.

I have tried to like her music.  And I have to admit that "Single Ladies" is a pretty catchy song.  But is it enough of a reason for me to bow down before her like the rest of the world?  Frankly, no.

She has an okay voice.  She is a good dancer.  She is a beautiful woman.  But there are thousands of other women who are equally good in all of these categories, and many are better.

I realize that being a non-Beyonce fan is an anomaly.  Saturday Night Live even devoted a skit to this very topic.  It's like non-Beyonce fans are some kind of social outcasts or deviants.

Al Roker recently mispronounced the name of her collective fans, the "Beyhive," on the Today Show. He referred to them as the"bay-hive" rather than the correct pronunciation, which is "bee-hive." He received hundreds of angry tweets and emails, including one from his own daughter. He probably does not receive anywhere near that reaction when he incorrectly predicts the weather or makes a slightly off-color comment. But God forbid he insults the Queen B.

So go ahead and hurl your insults and degrade me on social media. I am standing my ground.

Just don't sick the Beyhive on me.

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